Recycling Yard and Garden Trimmings
When you mow your lawn, rake leaves, and trim plants and trees, you end up with a valuable natural resource. Yard trimmings can be used to create mulch and compost. These add valuable nutrients to the soil.

If you don't use your trimmings in your own yard, you can recycle them. Some homes with garbage collection also have pick-up for separately bagged yard waste. Check with your local Solid Waste Department to see if they collect it and to find out any requirements for collection. Some drop-off sites also accept yard trimmings.

General Recycling Tips
  • Leave grass and leaves on the ground when mowing.
  • Do not place yard trimmings in your garbage container.
  • Do not mix other materials (not natural) with your plant trimmings if yard waste pick up or drop-off is available.
  • Bundle and recycle branches for pick up that are shorter than 4íŽíŽ long, 18íŽíŽ wide, and less than 50 pounds.
It's Illegal to Put Anything into a Storm Drain
Putting an item, or materials, into a storm drain can clog the drain and cause flooding. Leaves, cut grass, and other yard trimmings will quickly clog a drain and cause flooding for that neighborhood and others.