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Yard Trimmings


Convert Your Yard Trimmings


Yard trimmings take up 30% of landfills. Recycling yard trimmings is an easy way to slow down landfill consumption. When you mow, rake leaves, and trim plants and trees, you end up with a valuable natural fertilizer.


What you Can Do


Bag yard trimmings separately from trash in neighborhoods offering pick up. Practice 'GrassCycling': leave mowed clippings on the lawn to add organic matter and improve the soil. Landscape with heat and drought resistant local plants. They need less expense, water and upkeep.


Water Conservation


Water - A Fluid Resource


Water is a limited natural resource and should be used very conservatively. Lawns only need one inch of water every 5 days. Trees, shrubs and ground covers need water monthly.


What you Can Do


How Can You Help? Water early in the morning. Use drip irrigation. Avoid wasting water on sidewalks and the street.



Mother Nature Knows Best


Trees drop leaves; plants die; grass clippings stay on the lawn. Over time, the organic matter breaks down and decomposes. The result is a rich, dark brown, soil-like material called compost. Composting is a great way to retain soil moisture and save water and fertilizer, improve the yield of fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, recycle nutrients into soil and protect plants from disease.





What you Can Do


Reuse trimmings and save landfill space. How Can You Help? Start and maintain a compost pile. Visit www.Compost101.com for more information.


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